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Always appreciated...

"I can now sleep through the night"

"Experienced his profound healing abilities"

"Amazed at the difference it has made"

"After an upsetting situation happened"


"After an upsetting situation happened i asked for some help because i knew it would take a long time to heal from what happened but after my session i felt like i was okay, as if i wasn’t upset about it to begin with and after a few days i was good, and a few weeks on from that and i feel happy. I am happy! :) Thankyou x"

"I have suffered with years of chronic vertigo"

Julie N

"I have suffered with years of chronic vertigo, after many trips to the hospital and failed treatments. I was put in contact with Dan who has been absolutely amazing. My vertigo has pretty much gone and I am now able to live a much happier comfortable lifestyle. Dan really made me feel well in myself and I can't thank him enough. We carried out communication over the phone via text messages and he really made me feel at ease. His calming, charming ways made me smile and gave me hope and a light at the end of the tunnel (as quoted by Dan himself). I would highly recommend his healing process to anyone that is struggling. He really has improved and changed my way of life. I can't thank him enough."

"The pain killers did not help"


"Dan recently helped me with the pain in my hip. I'm waiting for a hip replacement and tripped over a mat out side my perents house, causing me a lot more pain in my leg. Dan did a session of healing on my hip and the the pain reduced down the same day, making it more bearable for me. I'm so grateful, as the painkillers did not help. To get relief like that, and so quickly was amazing. Thank you. I totally recommend DanSharp."

"The difference in my daughter has absolutely blown                                    me away"

Crystal N

"Dan has worked on my 5 Year old daughter through the emotion code recently. I've been amazed at the change I've seen in her since. Wow!! She's been having really deep thoughts and conversations with me like she's mentally processing all the worries she had. Accepting our traumatic news life situation and naming emotions with her thoughts and feelings. To the point where what she is saying is nothing like a 5 year old. Her entire attitude with life has changed in terms of the the confidence she has suddenly gained. She wants to talk to new people, do classes and approach difficult or scary things. All something she would NEVER have done before. The difference in my daughter has absolutely blown me away and I am so so glad I went ahead with the session for her. I cannot recommend Dan's work enough, he truly is amazing!"

"I had a lot of emotional trauma"

Daniella B

"I reached out to Dan as I had a lot of emotional trauma that I have been dealing with over the years due to my childhood. Dan was very thorough and explained everything in a detailed way in which I understood. This helped me delve deeper into my trapped emotions and allowed to feel these emotions and release them. I would highly recommend his services."

"Sessions I have had with him have been profound" 

Lauren A

"I am so grateful that a friend put me in touch with Dan. The sessions I have had with him have been profound to say the least. He is so insightful and generous with his time in talking through the detailed results of each session and I have felt so much better after each one. The emotions Dan has been able to find and release from not only my past but past generations also have left me feeling lighter and more understanding of myself and my emotions. I look forward to working with Dan further and will also be booking my children in with him too. If you are thinking about working with Dan, don’t hesitate. It’s worth every penny and more!"

"It was almost instant"

Brenda T

"Firstly I’d like to say Thank you. I was slightly apprehensive about Energy healing, as I’ve never heard about it before. But I’m glad I have been introduced to it. My first session with Dan was definitely a positive experience. It was almost instant, I was given a time line in which the work would be carried out and how long it would be expected to take place, but I felt the benefits straight away. I was very pleased and couldn’t understand how it happened, but so glad it did.

The second and third sessions were slightly different, as I didn’t feel much change, however I have had a change in mind set and seem to be a lot happier in myself. I would definitely recommend this kind of healing, as you don’t need to have one to one meetings, as it’s all done through the subconscious mind, with energy. Wow!! This been an amazing experience for me. Thank you."

"I never quite expected this"

                                                                           Dan S

"It was nearly 5 years ago to the day that I broken my ankle and regularly not everyday but regularly I would hobble and limp around, sometimes it would ache and another day I would have a slight pain, it would be stiff and uncomfortable. Dan said he could help me, and yes I was a little dubious but hey what did I have to lose I was already at a disadvantage!! So I sat with Dan and he ran through hat would happen…..but I never quite expected this… whilst Dan was asking my subconscious what the issues were something started to happen, it was like someone drawing a line up my leg with a pen from my ankle to my knee, the feeling was like the ache I had in my ankle was moving up my leg and once it reached my knee the ache distributed and vanished. I hadn’t had full movement in my ankle for many years but now it’s free to move the pain has gone, the ache disbursed, a new lease of life has been given back to me. That was about 5 weeks ago now, since that day I have had no pain, no aching and have even had a few jogs outside. Whatever healing Dan has done or emotions removed really has worked and he has given me a new lease of life to enjoy doing simple things once more. Thank you Dan a true Legend."

"Return to dancing with a full range of movement"

                                                                         Jo E

"I contacted Dan because I had recurring and persistent shoulder and lower back pain which developed following my pregnancy. We had a chat via text about my pain, where it was and how strong it was and within an hour Dan had already made a difference, reducing my pain noticeably. After a couple more text chats, Dan had made a lasting difference, allowing me to return to dancing with a full range of movement and increased flexibility and comfort in my shoulder. Dan was kind, respectful and caring throughout the consultation process and I have since recommended him to friends and family members. Even if you're sceptical about this process, give it a go because Dan will still be able to help. The detail Dan was able to give about the sources of my pain were so accurate and specific to my situation, it was incredible.

Thanks Dan!"

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