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Quantum Healing with the Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ 

My practice is rooted in the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™ which recognises the importance of releasing trapped emotions that are holding you back. These energies can contribute to a range of physical, mental and emotional difficulties, from anxiety and depression to chronic pain/discomfort and disease.

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If you are struggling with emotional, mental, or physical imbalances or discomfort, let me help you. I am passionate about helping you heal in a natural way. With the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™.

 Every person or animal has their own story of negative moments, so no session will ever be the same. 


I offer a £40 half an hour session for the Emotion code®, where I can remove on average 10 trapped emotions. This is depending on each individual.

I also offer a £55, 45 minute session using the Body Code™. This can go a lot further into imbalances in the body.

Your subconscious will guide me, to the order in which emotions/imbalances need investigating first, so that results are felt sooner rather than later. 

Our human or animal bodies can have zero to hundreds of trapped emotions, within themselves. These will range to how much of a challenging life you think you've had, and how your body and mind have dealt with these challenges. Your body will have to process the removal of these trapped emotions which can usually take between 12-36 hours. 

You may feel a "lightness" feeling after emotions are removed, due to your "baggage" has been reduced/removed. You may also experience a slight emotional moment, as if your body is finally letting go of your emotions, but this isn't very common, and if it happens, it doesn't last for long. 

I can also offer a "Heart-wall " removal service, if your subconscious will allow it. This Heart-wall is made up of emotions already in the body, that your subconscious mind has decided to wrap around your heart to protect it from being heart broken. The only "snag" here is that this should only be in place for the short term. If not, this will stop your loving energy leaving the body for the world to see, and also stop love from the rest of the world coming in. It stops you being who you were meant to be.

It's also very likely that the removal of your Heart-wall will have a positive effect in other areas of your body. 

This is because "Anything can cause anything..."

 The heart-wall removal will usually take 3 sessions... please ask me about this if you have any questions.

All Sessions and consultations are private and confidential

If you're interested in me helping your Animals to heal, please go into "Offerings" to see the "Animals" section above

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