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Meet Dan


My name is Dan, and my passion for healing was sparked by a lifetime of repairing everything I could get my hands on. When I realised that I could also use my skills to help people, I began a new chapter in my life. I’ve had my own struggles, just like everyone else, so I understand what it's like when you feel like there is only darkness ahead, or that all is lost. That's why I started my Quantum Healing practice. Through the use of energy, with love, gratitude, and intention, I am here to help people overcome emotional, physical and mental obstacles, to step back into the light and find peace and wellness.

Above the Clouds

As a certified practitioner of energy healing, I recognise that everyone is unique. Working from a place of trust and understanding, I will find the root cause of your concerns, whether your symptoms are mental, physical or emotional. This modern approach to allowing the body to heal, means that the direct cause of your concerns are removed. Unlike healing of yesteryear, which required bizarre practices to be carried out on you, having you to talk through painful memories, or having you swallow drugs to hide the symptom. My approach is to know your basic concern, without getting personal. I want to know how you really feel, and with your permission to remove trapped emotions and correct imbalances, I can do so, without you having to be touched, visited, or disturbed during your day, (unless you want to have a session on a video chat). This is all done through the removal of energy, using Quantum Entanglement.


We all have emotional baggage, and this is what causes 80-90% of your current concerns. My approach is grounded in empathy, and with the intention to help you on your healing journey – even when it feels like no one else understands, or doctors don't know why you are in your current state or condition.


If you're interested in learning more about my approach to quantum healing, contact me today.

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